Saturday, November 30, 2019

Study ICSE Class 10 Computer Science

Today Computer literacy is a must as a subject as well as general life experience. While studying Computer Science as a subject in the ICSE curriculum it is difficult for students to find a right helping tool or resource which can provide all the possible solution. Apart from course books by ICSE students also refer and practice online stuff for the subject. Online study material is a very powerful study material to study and evaluate the understanding of the topic on a deeper level. Online study material is known as an extremely helpful resource for exam preparation. If you are exploring for the best online study material of Computer Science, then Extramarks is the only entrusted name. Extramarks deliver the Online study material for ICSE Class 10 Computer Science for all important topics and chapters The Online study material for Class 10 Computer Science includes expert content from the best teachers in the country. These Online study material resources are also a useful aid during preparations for various competitive exams. The Online study material and solutions for Class 10 provide answers to all the problems and questions discussed in the ICSE textbooks. Extramarks care for students with solutions and education through Educational Technology for all Classes and subjects. The online study material and solutions for all the subjects like ICSE Class 10 Computer Science is available at Extramarks. The modules offer a comprehensive view of each concept and are developed using animated images and videos. Extramarks has all its courses and content aligned with the ICSE curriculum. Prepare yourself for a better tomorrow with Extramarks.

Friday, November 29, 2019

History and Civics Study Guide on the Extramarks App

Students have often struggled with ICSE Class 10 History Civics. The subjects can be tough for the students to learn and understand and they can be highly intimidated with the subjects. This can make the students leave the subjects for last-minute learning and this can hamper their learning process. The students tend to learn from sources like textbooks and depend on the teachers for having a clear understanding of the subjects. However, these sources are not sufficient for the students to achieve the desired result. The students can depend on the secondary learning sources to assist their learning but getting hold of a good learning source.
Extramarks- The Learning App can be a good source of secondary learning source for the students. The students can benefit from the interactive study material and learning guides available on the app. The app has ample learning options that can help the students have a good learning experience. The app offers a test series that consists of a lot of practice material, sample papers, and solved papers. The papers can help the students have a good preparation for the exams. The students can rely on the app and its material to have an optimum preparation for the exams and become better performers in them to achieve their desired results. The app can be a very good learning companion for the students. Download the Extramarks learning app and start your e-learning journey by getting a trial period of 7 days for free.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Class 10 Study Material for ICSE Students on Extramarks

ICSE Class 10 study material can be hard for the students to access because study materials for the students of ICSE board can be hard to find. The students usually rely on textbooks to have a good understanding of their curriculum. Class 10 introduces students to a lot of new concepts and topics that can be hard for the students to understand at first. A good secondary learning source can be very beneficial for the students but getting access to one of those can be hard for the students of the ICSE board because most of the online learning platforms create and publish content for the students of the CBSE board. The students can rely on the Extramarks app for accessing the ICSE Class 10 study material. The app is one of the most popular apps among the students. The app can be a good learning tool for the students and they have a clear understanding of all the subjects and the topics in their syllabus. The app also has many other learning tools like practise material and video lessons. The practise material on the app includes multiple sample papers and board papers that the app offers. The video lectures on the app can make the students experience a new and interactive way of learning and the students can learn at a faster pace on the Extramarks app. The app can be a very good learning companion for the students and they can rely on it to have an ideal preparation for the exams.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Now ICSE Class 11 is Easy with Extramarks

ICSE is considered the toughest in Indian school boards. There are several boards such as CBSE, and several state Boards. ICSE is considered toughest among all. It has extra subjects and extra topics as compared to other boards. It has a higher difficulty level as compared to other boards. It focuses on practical education whereas other boards focus more on theoretical knowledge. All these boards have their own limitations as well as implications. CBSE syllabus prepares students for competitive exams whereas ICSE gives students a deep knowledge and understanding. Therefore, students face several difficulties in ICSE Board. To help students and make the learning process easy, Extramarks provides online study packages for students of six different boards which includes ICSE also. Another problem in ICSE Class 11 syllabus for students is the vastness of syllabus. Being a foundational Class it has got everything covered for Board exams of Class 12. To make students comfortable and ensure that they attain conceptual clarity, Extramarks provides a comprehensive study package for all three streams of ICSE Class 11. The study package includes ICSE Class 11 syllabus for all subjects, key concepts, textbook solutions, question banks, previous year papers, sample papers, and online tutorials. All these are framed in the well-structured course material. All these are designed by experts of the subject matter as per the latest syllabus and board guidelines. Being an online platform it provides students a seamless learning environment. All these materials help students to get comfortable and confident in the subject and exam climate. It ensures that students get conceptual clarity and score more in the examination.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Extramarks' Makes CBSE Class 11 Easy with Previous Year Papers

CBSE Class 11 includes three different streams and these different streams contain different subjects. Students take different streams as per their likes and dislikes, but unfortunately, they have to read some other subject also that they might not like. Another problem that students of Class 11 face are the vast syllabus. As Class 11 is a foundation class, it makes the base for Class 12 boards. If a student learns and understands all the concepts then Class 12 would be easy for him. We usually witness that most students fail in Class 11. As CBSE has a set pattern, if a student cracks this pattern he/she will score well in the exam. Extramarks, an online learning app, provides study package for CBSE Class 11 including model papers. It includes study materials of all the distinguished subject of different streams. This study package is well structured in course materials by the experts. Expert teachers have curated it as per the latest syllabus and board guidelines. It contains CBSE Class 11 question papers from previous years. It contains all the sets of question papers for last ten years. It also contains solutions for self-analysis. It helps students to learn and understand the exam trend and the types of question papers. With a thorough analysis students finds that there are certain questions that are repeated in exams. It also helps students to identify these questions. Regular practice of these papers ensures that students get exam ready. It helps students get comfortable and confident in the subject and exam climate. It also helps them in time management.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Extramarks Provides ICSE Class 11 Sample Papers

If you are a student of the ICSE board, and you are looking for ICSE Class 11 sample papers or other relevant academic resources that will help you ace your important Class 11 exams, the best place where you can find them is the Extramarks learning app or website. Extramarks provides detailed study material for students of ICSE as well as CBSE. It acts as a guide for students by making easy access to more than 15 different subjects available. Extramarks is an answer to all the questions regarding the sample papers or the study material and notes to clear out the examinations. The various subjects offered are in accordance with the latest syllabus prescribed by the Indian Certificate of Secondary education. By offering a comprehensive study methodology for the students of Class 11, Extramarks aims to prepare them for the upcoming board exams. The app has the best solutions to ICSE Class 11 sample papers. The sample papers on the Extramarks app can help the students have a good preparation for the exams. The ICSE Class 11 sample papers are available for all the subjects helping them become overall learners. To know more about the whole range of academic guidance and study materials, download the Extramarks learning app and get a trial period offer for seven whole days completely free of cost so that you can build your trust on Extramarks before making it your favorite study guide and companion. Start your smart learning journey with the Extramarks app.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Class 11 ICSE Study Guide for a Good Learning Drill

History is a subject that is known to give students nightmares. The subject deals with the extensive theory and the dates and events in the subject can be tough for the students to learn and remember. The students have often complained about facing difficulties in the subject. Students rely solely on the textbooks and the Classroom notes for having a good and clear understanding of the subject and they are an ideal option for knowing about the subject but to have a good understanding and deeper understanding students cannot rely on the textbooks. The History exam consists of many questions that may have appeared before in the previous year or in the sample papers but the students are unable to answer these questions efficiently because they did not have the correct solutions to these. Having a good source of secondary learning can help the students overcome the challenges of the subject big time. Apps like Extramarks-the learning app helps the students become better and efficient learners. The app has all the necessary learning tools that can be required by the students for having an optimal preparation for the exams. Learning tools like ICSE Class 11 History Solved Papers, Study Material, Learning Guides, Classroom Notes, Video lectures etc. can be found on the Extramarks app. These learning tools can help the students become thorough with the subject and also overcome the hesitation related to the subject. Extramarks can be a good and reliable learning companion for the students.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Extramarks Helping Students with IIT JEE Preparation

IIT JEE is not a simple examination to clear and most learners who are taking the entrance test fail to clear it. The Extramarks IIT JEE Test Prep App provides learners with a wide range of sample exams to assist them better by a comprehensive collection of accessible issues and tests. Extramarks offers a wide range of tests as well and once this test is done, a report is produced on different parameters that can assist to define the weaknesses and strengths of a student. These are individual reports for each student and help the student in evaluating himself or herself better. Extramarks believes that the pedagogy of 3' p' towards achievement is: practice, performance, and perfection. The IIT application ensures that the best outcomes are achieved through extensive and rigorous practices. These procedures are then evaluated and presented in the form of personalised accounts and information that assist learners to regulate themselves. The app has a specially curated series of national-level exams that are prepared weekly for learners. Even these exams have an immediate generation of reports and assist learners to determine their peer ranking throughout the country. For the evaluation of the general preparedness level, there are infinite mock tests available. The documents from the preceding year and their alternatives are also accessible and the learners can decide on what their focus is personalised in chapter-specific exams. The app has helped many in terms of getting a better rank. For details, please see the connection.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Learn Better with Extramarks Education

Not every student goes to a coaching center or has a tutor who teaches him or her. Some people prefer to study in their own homes, where they are comfortable and where they feel safe. Even parents are better able to provide education to their children in a secure, home set in a world where ill occurs almost every day. with regard to student requirements and the fears of a parent, Extramarks Education, a website for online learning, offers the comfort of learning at home to students among various other resources. Extramarks Education assists students in developing different abilities while enabling them to access different learning options. Extramarks offers learners of all ages with a comprehensive teaching experience that is interactive as well as engaging at the same time. The app offers alternatives to different issues, from NCERT solutions to responses to all the doubts a child has. The internet website offers content for studying all topics and courses across the range of KG-12. Extramarks offers online coaching to students interested in understanding and learning interactively, both on the firm website and on applications under their business. In order that it is fun to know about it, the education platform deals with the subject. The company was founded in 2007 and has been the best internet teaching platform for learners ever since. The companies' apps also include those that assist competitive examiners to prepare them. Extramarks is the best online platform in the domain of educational technology. Visit the link for more.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Education Is Fun with Extramarks' Learning App

Since always, the ways to learn have changed. We now have access to internet websites that provide all learners with advanced learning opportunities. Many learners go to different training facilities to learn or have teachers who come to their homes to assist them in achieving better results. A lot of time and money is wasted in this phase and less is earned. But Extramarks Education has come up with a solution to assist learners to achieve better without losing precious resources. This decade-old firm has been launched with the objective of offering learners every day with various resources. Different online organizations promise online coaching but are unable to meet the commitment to different learning requirements. The most extensive program coverage is provided by Extramarks Education. The Extramarks Learning App has a huge number of resources that help students perform better academically. The best thing about Extramarks is that it has a course, which runs alongside the curriculum followed by a specific student's school. It has different boards like CBSE and ICSE. The business not only provides for learners from different schools, but it also prepares learners for competitive tests for learners. The IIT JEE, NEET and CA Foundation applicants can discover something on Extramark Education for themselves. The firm also offers schools digital learning material in order to provide them with intelligent courses. This enables both learners and educators in a school to be more interactive. for more information on how the company helps schools students, please visit the connection.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Online Learning Made Fun and Easy with Extramarks

Is studying boring and monotonous? Is it something you dread and want to avoid at all costs? These are challenges that all students face. But challenges or no challenges, your studies are here to stay. It is a good idea to start searching for solutions to these problems. Visit Extramarks and make studying fun and rewarding experience. On Extramarks. you will find resources for students of all ages and classes across all major national and regional boards. These study resources include interactive and fun material like quizzes, animations, video lessons and a lot of other material that will make studying boring and complicated topics simpler. Your experience of studying with Extramarks will also be highly personalised. You will get material curated especially for your needs after you have been assessed by a team of professionals based on your performance and abilities. This way, you are well guided and do not waste any time in studying irrelevant information and you can focus on what's really important. This will increase your productivity and give you an edge above others when it comes to your knowledge and understanding. With all the resources that you will get on the Extramarks website and mobile app which is called Extramarks- the learning app, all your concepts will be crystal clear and you will have a great understanding of all topics no matter how difficult they may seem. To access this material and know more about Extramarks, make sure you check out their website, apps and register yourself.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Learning Is Fun with Extramarks Education

Extramarks Education is an online solution providing company that allows students access to multiple online resources available at all times of the day. The company was established in 2007 by Atul Kulshrestha. An engaging way through which learners can access education today is through online learning websites such as Extramarks Education. Extramarks Education, an online learning website has various features that are designed to help learners and users of all kinds, focus on concepts rather than them just blankly reading without any understanding or them sitting in a classroom, with no idea about what’s going on. The app has practice sample papers as well as questions, ready at one click to help students practice more and more because practice is the stairway to perfection. Education deserves to be provided in a way in which a person really gathers knowledge from it. There are tests for users to learn and practice better what parts users need to refine and what parts are already polished. It also helps competition exam aspirants to prepare, through test material provided for their preparation. A person learns better when he/she is in a mood to study. The app is available to students at all times, be it 4 in the night or 4 in the evening. Every student can celebrate the gift of education at Extramarks because it makes knowledge interactive, fun and easy. Self-study becomes less boring. Lessons offered are also animated and catchy. The experts at Extramarks education have really redefined the online education spectrum. Learn better with Extramarks.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Extramarks Coaching Online for All Students

The ways of learning have been changing since forever. From oral lectures, we now have access to online websites that provide educational resources to all the students. A lot of the students go to various coaching institutions to gain knowledge or have tutors who come to their homes to help them perform better. In this process, a lot of time and money is lost and not a lot is gained. But to help students perform better without losing valuable resources, Extramarks Education has come up with a solution. This decade-old company was started with an aim to provide students with all kinds of resources at all times of the day. Various online entities promise online coaching for various learning needs but are unable to hold up to that promise. Extramarks coaching gives the most comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus. The best part about Extramarks is that it has its course, running parallel to the actual curriculum that is followed by the school of a particular student. It has various boards such as CBSE and ICSE. The company doesn't only cater to students of various schools but also has something for students preparing for competitive exams. The aspirants for IIT JEE, NEET as well as CA Foundation can all find something for themselves on Extramarks Education. The company also provides schools with digital learning content by way of providing smart classes to them. This helps the students, as well as teachers, be more interactive in a classroom. Visit the link for more information.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Extramarks- India's Leading Education Technology Company

Preparing for competitive exams like JEE and medical which have a high level of competition and difficult syllabus requires help and direction. You need to be headed in the right direction when it comes to preparation so that you can do targeted work and not waste too much time on irrelevant things. Going for good coaching is therefore important. There are many coaching centers who have teachers and good study material which is very helpful for effective prep. 
Taking care of yourself is essential during preparation. You should get enough sleep as well this will increase your productivity. Also, you should divide your syllabus because last-minute studies will not work for a crucial competitive exam. You definitely do not want to overwork yourself before the exam. The competition you will face will be a lot due to the magnitude of the exam. 
Receiving good help is very important. You should go to a trusted place for all your study needs and coaching. You will find the best coaching with Extramarks. Their smart coaching centers will give you all the help and resources you can possibly need like technology-integrated classrooms, national-level online weekly test series, intelligence-based detailed performance analytics, digital Collaborative Environment connecting Students, Teachers, and Parents which easily makes it the best medical preparation coaching you can find. Get yourself enrolled in the Extramarks smart coaching centers today and get an excellent result in your competitive exam and will enable you to get into the college of your dreams.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Best Ways to Prepare for Your SAT

SAT is a standard international exam for admission into foreign universities. With more information and exposure, students have found all of the great benefits of studying in foreign universities. Knowing these benefits gives them a great desire to attend these universities. Getting into the college of your dreams is very doable. But you need to keep in mind that your SAT score needs to be high in order to get good colleges. You should start to prepare and practice for this test at a good time in order to cover all the different aspects that are tested in the SAT. Practicing for the paper using sample papers is also very  important to determine where you stand with your preparation and test your time management skills along with figuring out your weakest areas and brushing upon them.

In order to start studying, you should know the exact course to cover and do targeted studies. Log on to Extramarks and find SAT online study course along with detailed explanations of answers, unlimited full-length tests, tips, and tricks, need-based recommendation plan and a lot more. All of this material is pretty much everything you can possibly need to prepare for your SAT. This material is 100% accurate and authentic owing to the decade long experience that Extramarks has. The material is created by experienced professionals and will certainly be very helpful. Visit the Extramarks website today and register yourself to avail all of these resources and material and get into your dream college!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Modern Resources For Efficient Learning

Studying the human body and organs and their inner working is done best with visual aid which makes it more interesting and simple to understand. Going online to find visual resources is the most obvious thing to do in a situation of difficulty. Online resources are convenient and easily available. You can log on to Extramarks where you will find interactive 3D videos explaining the Eye and its inner workings along with a number of other organs like the heart, ear, female reproductive system etc. Visually understanding all of these topics also helps with better and longer retention. If you are able to understand these topics with a mental picture of the visuals , you are more likely to remember it for a longer amount of time.

 Along with these 3D animated videos, you can also avail other services on the website like NCERT Solutions, that are great for exam prep and homework help along with video lessons, sample papers, practice questions and a lot more. Going online for your educational needs can save you a lot of time and effort. And choosing a good online education partner should be your priority. Extramarks is very experienced in the field of online education and has a team of dedicated educators who work hard to determine the type of modern learning solutions that students might need and work towards providing them for the students. studying with a combination of your textbooks and the online visual aid available on Extramarks will guarantee you a good result.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Get Your Hands on the Science Guide for Class 8 CBSE

Science Guide for Class 8 CBSE is an immediate necessary given the curiosity of the kids towards unveiling the truths of nature. Studying science is important because science is that subject that is present in our surroundings, in the very universe and each and every corner of the universe. Science helps us to understand the phenomena of the world, universe and life. Suppose we are not studying science, then also we are using and observing things which scientifically compatible. If there is anything on earth which does not show the properties of science is a thing which can be defined or termed as ‘nothing’ since everything around us is made up of science itself. There is a need to study science carefully in order to be able to decipher the theories behind the way this planet functions. Extramarks provides you with the best Science Guide for Class 8 CBSE. It enables you to understand the basic concepts introduced in Class 8 through its online video tutorials and the interactive study modules. These modules let your knowledge convert itself into practical application. The weekly assessments are a blessing to keep a track of all your strengths and weaknesses to helps you improve upon your weak theories. The chapters and the entire syllabus has been covered through illustration based explanations. It also provides you with ample sample papers to practice from so that you achieve success. Download the Extramarks application now and experience how Science becomes your best subject.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Combustion and Flame Solutions for CBSE Class 8 Physics Online

Do you need help in preparing for your class 8 Physics exam? Is it difficult to find solutions to all the questions given in your textbook? Do you find yourself spending hours on end to search for the best solutions that will clear all your doubts and that can help you achieve excellent marks? Many students have to face this problem, and that is why Extramarks presents you with the best online learning platform that will provide you with greatly detailed and well-explained solutions to all the questions that are given in your book. Now, students will no longer have to go through multiple guide books or search the entire internet to find the solutions. Extramarks, which is one of the best e-learning platforms in India right now, can save a lot of your valuable time and efforts by providing everything you need to achieve higher marks. So, if you are looking for CBSE Science Physics solutions for chapters like Combustion and flames for CBSE Class 8, then you should head right over to the Extramarks website to get access to all the answers provided there. The solutions provided by Extramarks are meticulously detailed and well-explained to remove any scope of doubt as one of the main objectives of Extramarks is to provide an absolute concept clarity with the help of simple yet effective pedagogical methods. In addition to the detailed solutions, students can find a multitude of other immensely useful learning material to study from, like exhaustive practise questions, sample papers, previous year question papers, video modules, comprehensive study notes, etc.

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