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Get Free Access to NCERT Solutions.

The NCERT textbooks are best known for their easy language and putting concepts as they are! These textbooks work as a concrete foundation for students on which further understanding is based. Following are some of the highlights of NCERT textbooks:

Credible Information: The information provided in NCERT textbooks is completely authentic as they are written by subject matter experts after doing extensive research on every topic.Strong basics: NCERT textbooks are easy to understand for students. They help students prepare for competitive exams, strengthening the fundamental understanding of all topics. The basis for Exam Questions: One of the benefits of NCERT textbooks is the fact that many questions in competitive exams either follow the same pattern or are directly fetched from these books. So, one must refer to these books for their exam prep.                                         

The questions given at the end of each chapter in NCERT textbooks are important for exams as well as to revise a chapter in a better way. Therefore, we highly recommend to read these books thoroughly and mark important points in every chapter to revise quickly, as and when needed.

NCERT Solutions by Extramarks provide a step-by-step answer to all questions in the textbooks. They allow students to understand concepts in a simplified version and are an irreplaceable support to them. Let’s see how they help students .

They are developed by our experts with the right approach for precisely answering the textbook questions.

They are free of cost and available online to help students from class 1 to 12.

They are created by subject matter experts with vast experience, under CBSE guidelines, to encourage concept-based learning with focus on each topic.

Students can access solutions chapter-wise for every subject.

They not only explain every topic but also prepare students for further, competitive examinations.

NCERT Solutions by Extramarks are a complete, comprehensive and detailed, and a must-have for every student.

All your search of seeking answers to NCERT textbook questions stops here! Don’t wait any further. Hop over the Extramarks website and browse through these solutions, starting from your favourite topic.

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