Friday, November 20, 2020

Playing is the best way to learn Download the App now.

Lil One by Extramarks is the perfect first step that your little one can take into the vast world of learning! It introduces the little one and parents to a new universe of fun learning experiences, establishing for them a unique and joyful and creative path to exploration. The app uses the best of technology and pedagogy to engage, educate, and entertain children. 

Built on the concept of Tap-Learn-Play, it offers a game-based platform of learning activities to develop brain power and creative abilities in children from a very young age. The app offers a first of its kind Chhota Bheem edition with children’s favourite characters integrated into the learning modules, introducing lessons in a fun and easy to absorb manner. The characters are a part of exciting activities that tickle thinking cells in the child, triggering curiosity, and problem-solving skills. 

Learn and get exciting rewards, As a recognition for a job well done, children earn rewards in the form of attractive toys which go straight into their own Toy Room. On clicking the won toy, games and modules featuring that toy pop up and your child can experience some new, unlocked activities too!

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